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Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada


Location : Latitude: 42.808159, Longitude: -81.364755


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARMSTRONG, Frances Carmen  24 Sep 1899Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78718
2 ARMSTRONG, William Albert  6 Aug 1893Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78713
3 HUNTLEY, Leila Mary  29 Jun 1896Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I62600
4 KEILLOR, Ada  Abt 1859Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78880
5 KEILLOR, Alonzo C.  Abt 1849Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78877
6 KEILLOR, Andrew Burton  Abt 1851Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78170
7 KEILLOR, Basil Gladstone  19 Feb 1892Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78443
8 KEILLOR, Charles Hallum  9 Feb 1864Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I62637
9 KEILLOR, Clifton Carlton  14 Jan 1868Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I47406
10 KEILLOR, David W.  Abt 1868Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I47325
11 KEILLOR, Flossie Opal  12 Sep 1886Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I62643
12 KEILLOR, George Elliot  9 Dec 1844Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78875
13 KEILLOR, Hazel L.  2 Aug 1890Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I62644
14 KEILLOR, James Wesley  10 Mar 1862Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I47361
15 KEILLOR, Louisa Carolina  Abt 1868Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I47363
16 KEILLOR, Maria Mina  Abt 1843Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78171
17 KEILLOR, Nelson N.  Sep 1862Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I47321
18 KEILLOR, Ruth Amelia  16 Feb 1904Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78658
19 KEILLOR, Samuel P.  Abt 1847Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78876
20 KEILLOR, Titus Dixon  Abt 1855Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78879
21 KEILLOR, William Edgar DVM  Abt 1853Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78878
22 KEILLOR, William Lesley  10 Mar 1862Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78659
23 KEILLOR, William T.  Abt 1866Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I47362
24 LOCKE, James Eldritch  15 Jul 1883Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78189
25 MCINTYRE, Charles Warren  19 Nov 1897Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78621
26 MCINTYRE, Edith  16 Jun 1874Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78611
27 MCINTYRE, Elva Lillian  16 May 1902Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78622
28 MCINTYRE, Etta Bell  5 Apr 1884Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78616
29 MCINTYRE, Wilbert Lee  8 Feb 1876Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78612
30 MCINTYRE, William Abram  28 May 1883Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78615


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CHAPMAN, Ann Nancy  1880Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I13287
2 KEILLOR, Emiline Jane  4 Oct 1899Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I47364
3 LOCKE, James Eldritch  15 Jul 1883Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78189


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LOCKE / KEILLOR  27 Nov 1879Southwold, Elgin, Ontario, Canada F22511