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Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada


City/Town : Latitude: 42.63458199999999, Longitude: -81.46543500000001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GREEN, Ada Florilla  11 Aug 1859Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I47376
2 KEILLOR, Alvin A.  28 Feb 1888Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I62598
3 KEILLOR, Benjamin Franklin M.D.  23 Aug 1881Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I47377
4 KEILLOR, Clarence Herbert  26 May 1889Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I62599
5 KEILLOR, Clifford Merriel M.D.  11 Jun 1891Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I47380
6 KEILLOR, Ermyn Idell  24 Jan 1886Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I47379
7 KEILLOR, Frederick Anson M.D.  1 Sep 1883Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I47378
8 KEILLOR, Gladys Eldora  6 Feb 1895Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I47382
9 KEILLOR, Glen Alvro  10 Mar 1902Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78203
10 KEILLOR, Stanley Ewart  9 May 1893Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I47381
11 KEILLOR, Sydney James  31 Dec 1896Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I47383
12 LUCAS, Earle Keillor  2 Apr 1917Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78206
13 LUCAS, John Clement  15 Aug 1915Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I62597
14 LUCAS, Lyle Keith  5 Oct 1912Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78205
15 LUCAS, Sydney Ivan M.D.  31 Oct 1918Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78207
16 LYONS, Lillian Martha  10 Jan 1883Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I62595


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GREEN, Ada Florilla  18 Feb 1943Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I47376
2 GREEN, Benjamin  Abt 1875Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I78192
3 KEILLOR, Alvin A.  28 Feb 1888Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I62598
4 KEILLOR, Alvro Leonidas  24 May 1936Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I47375
5 KEILLOR, Clarence Herbert  14 Oct 1890Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I62599
6 KEILLOR, Joshua C.  12 Feb 1922Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I6298
7 LUCAS, John Alfred  18 Dec 1936Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada I62596


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 WELCH / KEILLOR  24 Dec 1902Wallacetown, Elgin, Ontario, Canada F29077