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1 Atlantic Canada Genealogy Project The core of this project is related to descendants of the migration of families from Yorkshire, England in the late 1700s, to what is now Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in Canada.

See: Yorkshire 2000

The subsequent lines and interconnections through marriage have a pan-Canadian and global reach (including: Black, Carter, Chapman, Dale, Darliing, Emerson, Frost, Ibbitson, Killam, Stocks, Tate, Thompson, Tuttle, Weldon).

In some ways, it might be best to think of this site as a working genealogical SKETCH rather than as a completed work. Please treat this information only as a guide. Please contact me if you have any comments or feedback. I do not post citations for reasons of privacy. However, if you contact me directly, I am willing to provide information about sources where available.

Although not always the case, in general, this site displays location information using more-recent political designations. For example, at an earlier stage, the designation Nova Scotia included what is now known as New Brunswick. In these family records, if ancestors were born, lived and died in what later became New Brunswick, their records are listed as if the original location was New Brunswick.

I welcome additions and corrections. 

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