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At Sea



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FINLEY, Jane  Abt 1819At Sea I10002
2 FOWNES, Blanche  Abt 1878At Sea I74223
3 SMITH, Margaret Mabel  18 Sep 1878At Sea I39169
4 VAUGHAN, Mary Elizabeth  12 Apr 1839At Sea I42334
5 WEBSTER, James Johnson  Abt 1834At Sea I1933


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Isaac Whitman  21 Nov 1882At Sea I71615
2 ANDERSON, Titus Capt.  8 Jul 1870At Sea I10238
3 AYER, Stephen  Abt 1866At Sea I20815
4 BARNES, Alfred  3 Apr 1856At Sea I20680
5 BLACK, John Everett  Abt 1883At Sea I66584
6 BOULTENHOUSE, William  19 Feb 1860At Sea I4112
7 BOUTILIER, Jean George  Abt 1752At Sea I72384
8 CARTER, Jefferson J.  21 Dec 1881At Sea I2916
9 CARTER, Thomas B.  9 Feb 1891At Sea I30739
10 CHAPMAN, Frances Maria Layton  14 Jun 1884At Sea I1257
11 CHAPMAN, George  (Date Unknown)At Sea I55259
12 CHAPMAN, Lewis Wells  Abt 1862At Sea I6851
13 CHAPMAN, Martin  22 Jan 1825At Sea I1218
14 CLEVELAND, William Arlington Capt.  8 Oct 1894At Sea I16591
15 COMPTON, Oliver  7 Nov 1936At Sea I59623
16 CUTTEN, Rufus Freeman Capt.  Jan 1887At Sea I1963
17 DIXON, Charles  1867At Sea I4034
18 DIXON, Henry Arthur  7 Sep 1866At Sea I4035
19 DIXON, John W.  Abt 1873At Sea I3053
20 ENGLISH, Eleanor M.  30 Oct 1876At Sea I39158
21 FAWCETT, Charles Cavour Lieut.  Feb 1942At Sea I716
22 FOWNES, Benjamin Griffin Capt.  22 Sep 1890At Sea I74218
23 FOWNES, Roy Keith  22 Sep 1890At Sea I74221
24 FROST, George  (Date Unknown)At Sea I364
25 GRANGE, Sarah  Abt 1752At Sea I72385
26 HOLLAND, Gordon  Abt 1937At Sea I83858
27 MACLAREN, Ian Pearson Lieut.  7 May 1944At Sea I64370
28 MARTIN, Leonard Capt.  8 Dec 1890At Sea I40728
29 MASTERS, Samuel Capt.  (Date Unknown)At Sea I43334
30 O'BRIEN, Ernest Thomas Roy  27 Jan 2015At Sea I88820
31 PALMER, William Read Capt.  Abt 1908At Sea I91254
32 SANDERS, Cornelious Compton  (Date Unknown)At Sea I59468
33 SMITH, George  24 Nov 1852At Sea I201
34 SMITH, Grace Gertrude  30 Oct 1876At Sea I39159
35 SMITH, Henry F. Capt.  30 Oct 1876At Sea I39150
36 SMITH, James  6 Oct 1836At Sea I199
37 SMITH, John  19 Oct 1819At Sea I71219
38 SMITH, John B.  25 Sep 1856At Sea I39147
39 SMITH, Robert Henry  30 Oct 1876At Sea I39160
40 STUART, John Edward  (Date Unknown)At Sea I9013
41 STUART, Walter Edward  30 Nov 1942At Sea I9057
42 TAYLOR, Daniel T.  14 Jun 1884At Sea I10973
43 TAYLOR, Mathew Melbourne  Dec 1872At Sea I5034
44 TAYLOR, Robert Dickey Capt.  14 Jun 1884At Sea I8799
45 UPHAM, Charles Wentworth Capt.  23 Nov 1887At Sea I11592
46 VAUGHAN, Daniel Capt.  17 Apr 1847At Sea I42821
47 VAUGHAN, John  Abt 1848At Sea I144
48 VAUGHAN, John Ryor Capt.  (Date Unknown)At Sea I43332
49 VAUGHAN, Joseph  5 Dec 1831At Sea I250
50 VAUGHAN, Joseph Henry Capt.  9 Aug 1883At Sea I2835

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 COLLINS, Edward Hugh  At Sea I94354
2 DOTCHENKO, Sophia  At Sea I94355
3 STUART, Walter Edward  30 Nov 1942At Sea I9057